Pregnancy and Stretchmarks

The most common cause for stretch marks is during pregnancy, with over 60% of women developing some stretch marks on their body. While a future mother is focused on ensuring her baby develops properly and receives enough nutrients, many mothers dont realize that applying a stretch mark cream during pregnancy is the best time to prevent stretch marks. The reason for this is because during this time, the stretch marks are only gradually starting to form. By applying a stretch mark cream, you can immediately start healing your skin so that the damage is very minimal if there is any at all.

Best Pregnancy Stretch mark Cream

So what’s the best pregnancy stretch mark cream? If you’ve read any article on my site, then you know I am a huge fan of Skinception™. Skinception is what I personally used to get rid of my stretch marks and is what I absolutely believe to be the best cream to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Best of all, they have multiple plans for pregnant women, including the “mom-to-be package”, which is a 9-month supply for only $39.99 a month.

The “mom to be” package is what I recommend for all pregnant women in their first trimester. The 6-month supply is recommend for women in their second or third trimester as this is when stretch marks really start to form.

So Why Skinception™?

You may be wondering why Skinception? What makes Skinception so good? The truth is, I’ve used Skinception, I’ve been there, I know what it is like to hate the way your body looks. Stretch marks are ugly, and I couldn’t wait to get rid of them. It’s incredibly hard for a woman, including myself, to look at herselh and hate the way she looks. This is why I recommend Skinception.

Skinception worked for me and I am going to buy it again as soon as I get pregnant with my second child, (hopefully a girl – fingers crossed!). Skinception worked for me and it can work for you. Stretch marks don’t have to ruin your life like I thought they did mine. Skinception will work!

Laser Surgery for Stretchmarks

Laser surgery is a common stretch mark treatment that involves the use of microscopic lasers to gradually remove the visible stretch marks. Laser surgery best works on stretch marks with a minor of moderate severity level. The most severe stretch marks require much more attention and therefore stretch mark creams are needed.

Is laser surgery effective?

First and foremost, laser surgery is extremely effective in treating stretchmarks. Generally speaking, most dermatologists report a 90% success rate in completely or almost completely removing stretch marks. In some cases, this number even hits higher to almost 100%.

Is it painful?

Believe it or not, most people find laser surgery for stretch marks to be a very tolerable procedure. Most patients report the pain being a two on a scale of ten. For those with low pain thresholds, it may sting a little worse – although it it still tolerable. For the most part though, there is little to no pain.

Are their side effects?

Unfortunately, laser surgery has a few side effects. Many patients report experiencing mild swelling and redness a few days after each procedure. This is completely normal and will not cause any long term effects. For people with low pain thresholds, there may be some pain for a few hours after the surgery.

How much does it cost?

This is what drives most people away. The cost of laser surgery is expensive and is constantly going up in price. Most treatment centers charge $300-750 depending on your location. When you factor in 4-6 sessions, which is average, you could be spending a few thousand dollars. There are much more effective ways to treat stretch marks, so laser surgery is not a viable option unless you have a few thousand dollars sitting around.


In summary, laser surgery is an okay option to remove stretch marks, but it is not always the best option. Stretch mark cremes tend to provide the same results as laser surgery and we have highlighted the best stretch mark creams for you. Unless you can shell out a few thousand bucks, we recommend you at least consider researching a skin creme. Chances are you will find one that is right for you and will save you a thousand dollars or more in the process.

My Stretchmark Story

My Stretch Mark Story

After spending nine months with my eight pound, nine ounce son Chase in me, I was just thankfully that he was finally born. I was in labor for roughly eleven hours and that had taken its’ toll on my body. I was just glad chase was happy and that all was much better.

Unfortunately, I gained more weight during my pregnancy then I expected to, so I had some hideous stretch marks on my stomach. I felt so ugly and I desperately wanted to get rid of these stretch marks.

How is Skinception supposed to work?

According to the website, Skinception reduces stretch marks by 72.5% within the first two months. Skinception works by increasing increasing skin moisture and increasing the body’s production of a hormone called glucocoritcoids. This hormone helps regulate collagen and elastin production, which are vital for skin health.

Skinception also boosts our body’s natural ability to heal scars, which is essential for stretch mark removal. Combined the natural ingredients in Skinception promised to heal my skin and to get rid of my stretch marks.

My Use of Skinception

Skinception was actually a little cheaper then other products, which is part of the reason why I actually ended up choosing it. At first, I really didn’t know what to expect. The site is quite overwhelming. I navigated through the site and found all the details about the site.

Skinception took only a few days to ship and in the mean time I learned a lot about how to get rid of stretch marks. I knew my diet was going to have to be spot on to prevent further weight gain and that I needed to pay close attention to the directions. Once I received my shipment of Skinception, I immediately started to use it. All I had to do was smooth the creme out once in the morning and evening.

After about two and a half weeks, I started to notice that my stretch marks were starting to fade away. However, not only were they, but I noticed my skin in general was looking much healthier then before.

After a month, I felt comfortable enough to go out in public in a bathing suit again. My stretch marks were probably 75% of the way gone and I was feeling much more confident about myself. After all, being a single mother is not easy, so the boost in confidence dramatically improved my overall mental health.

I ran out of Skinception after about two and a half months. I ordered the three-month supplement, which is what I recommend to all my readers. I believe I probably lathered the creme on a little heavier then most people would, which explains why I ran out a little faster.



Overall, I was absolutely thrilled with my results. My stretch marks are almost completely gone, and I felt 100% better about myself and my body. Skinception turned out to be a great gamble, because it was affordable and actually provided me with results. Sure, I was skeptical like any other woman, but I am just ecstatic that I had success with my first product.

I’m writing this now a year later, because I want other women to get rid of their stretch marks, just like I did. I know it’s difficult to lose them. They are hideous and make you feel disgusting. That’s why I’m here to share my story with you.

As  you can see, I had great success with Skinception.  My stretch marks were not near as bad as others and I only hope that everybody else can experience the same results I did. I did some research and Skinception has developed an even more powerful formula that other moms like me are raving about.

Stretch marks do not have to ruin your life. You can get rid of stretch marks. You know how to get rid of stretch marks. Skinception is the key, trust me. My entire site is dedicated to helping women like me get rid of stretch marks so they can feel happier and be more confident with how they look.